Press Release
The most prominent difference between crypto-asset and fiat money is that issuance and operations are decentralized with Blockchain technology on crypto assets, while fiat money is centralized.
Friday, 13 August 2021
Press Release
GOFX micro forex which increased by 136% during the first seven months of 2021.
ICDX managed to record a record high of USD35,600 per metric ton.
ICDX prepares digital gold physical market, crypto asset market, warehouse receipt system & commodity auction market at the end of 2021, and sees Indonesia's great potential for carbon trading
Crypto exchanges and crypto clearinghouses will be supporting entities that act as an extension of the regulator and are neutral.
The ICDX tin exchange recorded a transaction value of 2.4 trillion in the first quarter of 2021
PosGo Syariah, ekosistem emas fisik digital berbasis syariah
Bursa Aset Kripto dan Integrasi dengan Pedagang Aset kripto
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