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Indonesia Commodity & Derivatives Exchange or ICDX is a leading commodity exchange with an integrated clearing house and bonded logistics center. ICDX conducts multilateral commodity and derivatives trading in Indonesia. We aim to be a fair, organized, transparent, and modern commodity trading center. We also provide facilities and infrastructure for optimal exchange services for commodities trading such as gold, crude oil, tin, foreign exchange, and facilitate murabahah commodity.


By bringing best-in-class technologies and practices to the Indonesian market, ICDX will provide a well-integrated and highly-trusted ecosystem for exchange trading and clearing for commodities and financial instruments. This will contribute in a significant manner to strengthening the Indonesian economy and attracting international market players to the country. 

  • Bring innovative financial technologies to Indonesia and ASEAN to provide a new institutional backbone for commodity trade and finance 
  • To enable a solid and efficient market deepening for financial institutions and trading companies in Indonesia
  • To provide the facilities, infrastructure, and governance needed to carry out commodity trade and finance in Indonesia in a fair, transparent, effective, and organized manner

Corporate Values

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles

  • Words match actions
  • Committed to our promises and being on time
  • Admitting to our mistakes


The fact or condition of being responsible

  • Complete the tasks according to the expected standards
  • Provide opinions, ideas, and feedback
  • Set a clear target and work priorities

The combined action of a group of people to achieve goals

  • Open to others' opinion
  • Pay attention and appreciate other divisions
  • Willing to develop yourself and your team members
Service Excellence

The ability to consistently meet and manage customer's expectations

  • Showing competence and quality results
  • Understand the customer's needs
  • Giving extra mile services

Willingness to learn and to know when you don't know what you need to move forward.

  • Accept criticism and suggestions as a goal for a better change
  • Ask if there are things you don't know
  • Possess the curiosity and motivation to keep learning
Our Directors
Fajar Wibhiyadi
President Director of ICDX

Fajar Wibhiyadi was born in 1968. He completed a Bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, a Master of Management at PPM School of Management, and a Master's in Business Law at Gadjah Mada University.

Prior to joining ICDX, he had been involved professionally in the Commodity Futures Trading Industry for over 5 years, and more than 20 years in the financial sector and capital markets.

Megain Widjaja
President Director of ICH

Megain Widjaja is the President Director of Indonesia Clearing House (ICH). He is responsible for implementing the organization’s mission of adopting an international standard to assess transactions efficiently. 

Megain received his bachelor's degree with honor from Seattle University in Business Administration, majored in Finance and Accounting, in 2005. While on fellowship, Widjaja examined how U.S. financial regulators work together and deepened his knowledge of digital media and startup development. In addition, he explored the balance between conservation and land use in the national parks system. Megain had begun his career as an Investment Officer at R.A Bench Wealth Management, where he managed both retail and corporate financial instruments, including hedge funds and commodity funds.

Previously, Megain has led ICDX to grow remarkably through the development of commodity and financial-based futures contracts. Some of ICDX’s notable achievements include being appointed by the Indonesia Ministry of Trade to run Indonesia Tin Exchange in 2013. By 2018, Indonesia has succeeded to increase the number of tin export destinations from 14 to 28 countries. He has built an integrated and modernized commodity trading ecosystem and pioneered multilateral-based commodity futures trading in Indonesia.

Director of ICDX

Nursalam has extensive experience in the commodity futures trading industry since 1998. On May 25th 2021, Nursalam was appointed to become the Director of ICDX. Through this appointment, he aims to bring ICDX as the top commodity exchange in Indonesia with international recognition. 

Prior to becoming director of the ICDX, he served as a director of ICH and as a director in several futures brokerage firms. Under his leadership, ICH issued e-CITRA (Clearing Info of Trade) to implement transparency in the transaction clearing process through ICH. In addition, ICH also obtained ISO 27001 certification in 2020, as the embodiment of ICDX and ICH's Business Continuity Plan (BCP) which adapts to the digitization of the company's work system.

Aside from holding out his duties as a director, Nursalam enjoys photography and automotive in his free time. 

Our Commisioner
Fenny Widjaja
Dr. Mardjoko, MBA
ICDX Milestones

Indonesia Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (ICDX) established

The launch of GOLDGR Contract


CPOTR futures contract launch as a benchmark price for CPO exporters in Indonesia



Financially settled daily futures contracts for gold and olein 


The launch of tin physical contract (INATIN)

The start of tin trading through an exchange in Indonesia


The launch of pure tin bars contracts and adoption of the ICDX CPOTR contract as an official benchmark for CPO export prices


The First Indonesian Tin Conference held in Bangka, the heart of Indonesia’s tin production


The Launch of Local Tin pure tin bars contract

The name of ICDX’s clearing house was changed from PT Identrust Security International to PT Indonesia Clearing House (ICH)


ICDX selected to provide a TSR20 rubber physical contract in the Regional Rubber Market, newly established by the Governments of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.


ICDX Logistik Berikat (ILB) starts operations

The value of tin traded in ICDX reaches its highest value yet, USD 1.6 billion


GOFX goes live, the first regulated exchange-traded rolling spot and futures contracts in the ASEAN region. By ICDX attracting international tin buyers, only 24% of tin now trades through Singapore, down from 80% in 2015


Launch of GOFX Micro

The electronic warehouse receipt platform (EPACT) starts operating; as many as 36 countries now directly import tin from Indonesia (up from 26 in 2018)


The launch of COFR, COFU10, COFU 100 contracts

In its first week, almost 3,200 crude oil futures contracts were traded at ICDX. ICDX starts organizing trading classes multiple times per week.


Officially Becomes the Exchange for Digital Gold Physical Market

ICDX complements the national gold market ecosystem by integrating with digital gold enterprises to create a fair and organized market for digital gold investors.


Officially Becomes the Exchange for Sharia Commodity Murabahah Market

As the first Sharia Murabahah Commodity Market, ICDX reached a value of 1 trillion Rupiah during its early stages, enabling Indonesian Sharia Banks to expand its service.


ICDX received approval from the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency, operating under the Ministry of Trade's jurisdiction

This endorsement acknowledged ICDX as Indonesia's designated exchange for Crude Palm Oil (CPO).

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