GOFX is a mini and micro-sized spot and futures contract that is traded legally on the exchange (ICDX). GOFX consists of spot gold contracts, spot forex contracts, and crude oil futures contracts.

GOFX Trading Class


  1. Get to know GOFX Micro Products
    GOFX Micro is a spot and futures contract that is traded multilaterally and legally on the ICDX. Click here for more details.
  2. What is GOFX Micro trading class?
    Micro derivatives trading learning class that is organized by ICDX and an official broker registered at CoFTRA.
  3. What benefits do I get from the GOFX Micro trading class?
    Through this trading class, you can open a GOFX trading account with a minimum balance of IDR 500,000 and get 2 trading classes (beginner & advanced), an e-certificate, and join our consultation group.

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Attention! Participants must be over 21 years of age and will be asked to make an investment of IDR 500,000 which will be converted into a micro GOFX trading account
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Trade GOFX on MetaTrader5 can be accessed via a handheld device. Trade easier, anywhere and anytime

Fair & Transparent

Depth of Market provides GOFX Micro supply & demand information. The best prices are formed based on market demand and supply

Legal & Safe

All GOFX transaction conducted in ICDX as a regulated exchange and guaranteed by a clearing house


Trade GOFX Micro starting from IDR 500,000.

ICDX does not charge swap fee for GOFX Micro products*
*valid until an indefinite time

The Exchange Trading System
The exchange trading system is a trading system in which multiple third-party sellers and buyers who do not know each other can meet and engage in transactions (many to many). This transaction takes place on an exchange, so all transactions are automatically listed on the exchange and the clearing house. ICDX launches GOFX as the first legal multilateral derivative product in Indonesia. GOFX consists of a collection of spot gold contracts, spot forex contracts, and crude oil futures contracts.
Our Class
GOFX Micro Trading Class will be carried on via ZOOM (21+ only). Participants are required to open a trading account with the minimum balance of IDR 500,000 and will receive the following package:
Basic Class
  1. Introduction to the Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange
  2. Introduction to market analysis
  3. Introduction to the trading application (MetaTrader5)
Advance Class
  1. Calculating profit/loss and margin call levels
  2. Fundamental analysis
  3. Technical analysis
  4. Market sentiment analysis
  5. Psychology of Trading

Trading Account

A registration fee of IDR 500,000 will be converted into a GOFX micro trading account with the same nominal balance.


E-book trading class material


Consultation Group


Customers Love GOFX
Arnold - Trader

"Berhubung kontraknya micro, gue bisa start trading dengan modal lebih terjangkau! 1 lot micro tuh cuma 0.01 lot standar."

Alika - Karyawan Swasta

"Ternyata trading GOFX tuh real. Transaksinya beneran di bursa jadi dana aku aman. Keren"

Tony S - Pengusaha

"Modal 500rb aja udah dapet kelas trading sampai level mahir. Mantap, jelas banget pematerinya."

Nanda K - Pegawai Negeri

"Lumayan buat nambah penghasilan dengan modal kecil. Aman dan jelas transaksinya."

Platform Trading GOFX

GOFX uses MetaTrader5 (MT5) as its trading platform which will enable users to monitor and trade anywhere, anytime. MT5 has been popularly used among professional traders across the world. Download MT5 now!

Try Demo Account
Before opening a live GOFX trading account, you can try to perform transactions and get to know MT5 with our demo account.
GOFX Article
Salah satu keuntungan trading forex yang sayang jika Anda lewatkan adalah leverage, dimana Anda dapat meraih peluang profit maksimal meski modal Anda terbatas.
Untuk mengenal lebih jauh pengaplikasian aspek fundamental dari suatu komoditi, kita akan mencoba menelisik dari sisi komoditi finansial mata uang sebagai objek analisis.
Bank sentral menggunakan kebijakan moneter menguraikan tujuan bank sentral dan bagaimana mereka akan berfungsi untuk membantu negara untuk mencapai tujuannya.
Lifestyle Trading bertujuan untuk menghasilkan keuntungan dalam jumlah kecil yang konsisten setiap minggu dari trading untuk mendukung gaya hidup Anda.
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