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As an environmentally friendly metal commodity that is widely used in various industries and manufacturing sectors, tin has become one of Indonesia's main commodities. Indonesia is the world's largest tin exporter and second largest producer, with 90% of tin coming from the Bangka Belitung Province.

ICDX is a significant operator in the physical tin market and plays a crucial role in helping the Government oversee tin transactions in Indonesia, both for export and domestic purposes. Through ICDX, which is supported by ICH as the Clearing House, all tin transactions that take place are guaranteed for. The transaction prices are also formed fairly and transparently based on the natural demands and supplies from direct market players.

Fundamental Drivers of The Tin Market

  • Tin price movements in international markets (ICDX, LME, KLTM & SHFE);
  • Exchange rate of USD against other major currencies;
  • Economic factors in major producing and consuming countries: industrial growth, global financial crisis, recession, inflation, and so on;
  • Commodity-specific events: construction of new production facilities or processes, unexpected closings of mines or factories (natural disasters, supply disruptions, accidents, strikes, etc.), and industrial restructuring;
  • Government Trade Policy (implementation or suspension of export taxes, fines and quotas);
  • Geopolitical events.

Why Trade Tin?

  • Meets the mandatory government policies;
  • Standardized tin quality;
  • Transaction settlement is guaranteed by the clearing house.

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