GOFX is our spearheading initiative to bring, for the first time in Indonesia, fairly-priced exchange-traded, regulated contracts in gold, crude oil and forex to the public at large, including in easily-traded micro version.
A Commitment to Deliver A Sustainable Economy
In response to our climate conditions, ICDX has taken serious measures. Let's speed up climate action
Monday, 15 November 2021
Komoditi adalah semua barang, jasa, hak dan kepentingan lainnya, dan setiap derivatif dari Komoditi, yang dapat diperdagangkan dan menjadi subjek Kontrak Berjangka, Kontrak Derivatif Syariah, dan/atau Kontrak Derivatif lainnya
It is often thought that electronic commodity exchanges are sophisticated and costly, and have little to offer to small agricultural markets. However, technology costs have fallen, and if the conditions are right such exchanges can be cost-effective even in small markets. The case of potatoes in Bhutan illustrates this.
Carbon pricing must be linked to the Greenhouse Gas Reduction target.
Collective Efforts of the Government and the Private Sector in Transition Towards Low Carbon Indonesia
Wednesday, 27 October 2021
Commodity supercycle became a hot issue at the beginning of 2021. No wonder, because the prices of some key commodities had begun to recover. Find out more on THE SOURCE Issue 20!
Friday, 17 September 2021
As the world's largest tin exporter, Indonesia has continued to record the highest tin price since early 2021. Find out more about the Indonesian tin market and other leading commodities in THE SOURCE ISSUE 19.
Friday, 03 December 2021
Jumat, 03 Desember 2021 - USDCAD sedang bergerak untuk menguji zona penting 1.3000 yang diekspektasi akan terus bertindak sebagai patokan hingga beberapa hari mendatang. Di tengah kurangnya arus berita fundamental Kanada yang baru, pedagang USDCAD terutama berfokus pada valuasi Dolar AS dan tajuk dari pasar minyak mentah. Dimulai dengan yang pertama; Dolar AS secara luas netral terhadap rekan-rekan G10 kemarin, meskipun data makro AS dirilis lebih kuat. Klaim pengangguran mingguan awal dan PHK penantang November kemarin keduanya dirilis lebih baik dari yang diharapkan. Rilis tersebut menyusul setelah survei IMP Manufaktur ISM November dan perkiraan perubahan pekerjaan ADP yang kuat. Namun, USD mungkin masih mengabaikan data yang kuat karena secara luas sesuai dengan narasi kekuatan ekonomi/pasar tenaga kerja AS yang sebeumnya diserukan oleh The Fed.
Monday, 29 November 2021
The gold contract GOLDUD closed last week's fluctuation with a deep correction of 3.29% to $1,786.10 per Troy Ounce. Gold prices fell with the pressure growing below the $1800 zone that occurred since the beginning of the trading session this week along with rising 10-year US bond yields – digesting some sensitive headlines from the US.
Friday, 29 October 2021
Here is our monthly recap on GOFX transactions and the global market sentiment for September 2021.
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