ICDX Group 13th Anniversary
ICDX Group 13th Anniversary
Tuesday, 05 July 2022

On July 4, 2022, ICDX invited members and relations and partners who have supported ICDX's journey to celebrate and appreciate all the special achievements that have been achieved.

Let us together uphold integrity in this industry, for a better future, for a better industry that is what we must do. In the future there will be storms that we must overcome, but if we pedal together, we can reach the pier or destination we are aiming for. Didid Noordiatmoko - Tasks Executor Head of BAPPEBTI
I would like to congratulate ICDX on this 13 year old. As industry players, we must unite through KADIN, work together to provide the same picture and mindset in the future steps in the commodity industry. Juan Permata Adoe - Deputy General Chairman of Commerce Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN)

The achievements of ICDX cannot be separated from the important role of its members. We present this 13th Anniversary moment to our members through the "Awarding Member" event for their hard work and commitment in advancing the Futures Trading Industry.

ICDX hopes that through this momentum, we will maintain the togetherness that has existed for more than 1 decade so that we can jointly accelerate the Commodity Futures Trading Industry for years to come.

In the future, ASPEBTINDO together with ICDX will continue to develop networks to expand the reach of the Commodity Futures Trading market in collaboration with other associations, private parties and the government. Udi Margo Utomo - Chairman of ASPEBTINDO
Thank you for the support and cooperation, so that we can reach the age of 13 this year. Hopefully in the future we will achieve more, more and more things. Nursalam - Director of ICDX

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