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Indonesia's Opportunity as a "Climate Superpower"
Indonesia's Opportunity as a "Climate Superpower"
Thursday, 21 October 2021

President of COP26, Alok Sharma said that Indonesia has the opportunity to become a "Climate Superpower" country, where Indonesia will become a country that has a very important role in tackling world climate change. The policies taken by Indonesia to combat climate change will have a major impact around the world.

“To be able to achieve the 1.5-degree world target, we have to reduce 23 gigatons by 2030. Indonesia is very strategic because it has extraordinary natural resources. Indonesia is estimated to have a stockpile of nearly 300 billion tonnes of carbon. Indonesia can be the solution and bring this to Glasgow to show that Indonesia is ready to contribute, and can provide solutions for the world which have been proven by the achievement of low deforestation in the last 10 years,” said the President Director of PT. Jungle Makmur Utama, Dharsono Hartono.

In practice, Indonesia's potential must be managed properly so that it can be a strategic step in tackling climate change. One form of management that can be done is to create an ecosystem by establishing a regulated infrastructure so that it can provide a transparent carbon market and trading. Regulated infrastructure is also useful in providing awareness about carbon neutrality to the public and business people in Indonesia.

“Indonesia's potential will only be potential if it does not have the infrastructure, namely the carbon market. The mission of the carbon market itself is to become a state of the art for transparent and effective carbon awareness so that the carbon price that is formed transparently becomes a signal for the community to change their investment strategy or for existing projects so that they become economically visible, "said Board of Member Indonesia Commodities and Derivatives Exchange (ICDX), Megain Widjaja in the Webinar "A Climate Superpower Indonesia: Collaborative Efforts to Tackle Climate Crisis" which discusses strategic steps and forms of collaboration from various sectors in realizing emission reduction targets to net zero.

With a large natural potential, Indonesia can reach net-zero more quickly because it has a much larger potential for renewable energy. However, greater encouragement and efforts are still needed from the energy sector. Apart from natural potentials such as mangroves and tropical forests, Indonesia also has renewable energy sources that can be a solution in reducing greenhouse emissions which is not easy for Indonesia and will take a long time, so one way that can be done is to focus on renewable energy.

“Renewable energy can provide other benefits, namely that air pollution can be reduced so that it can reduce the social costs of carbon. Apart from decarbonization, other things that can be done are industrial transformation and job creation. According to the Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) study, achieving 100% renewable energy can create 36 million new jobs, which is far more than the jobs lost from the fossil-based to renewable-based transition. Fabby Tumiwa.

Procurement of infrastructure and collaboration from various sectors shows that Indonesia has a positive spirit and ambition to be a solution, as explained by the Director of Economic Development and Environment of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hari Prabowo, “Indonesia departs for Glasgow with a positive spirit. Indonesia has also been leading by example by showing increased ambition. This increased ambition must also be accompanied by complete implementation, otherwise, it will only become rhetoric.”

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