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ICDX Plants 5000 Mangrove Trees in Bangka Belitung As a Carbon Neutral Commitment
ICDX Plants 5000 Mangrove Trees in Bangka Belitung As a Carbon Neutral Commitment
Tuesday, 04 October 2022

Jakarta, 4 October 2022 - After announcing five carbon-neutral commitments last year, ICDX planted mangrove tree seedlings in Bangka Belitung. This planting is part of a commitment to advocate and pursue a carbon-neutral mission. Therefore, ICDX has made a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program to support and develop carbon emission reduction programs.

“ICDX believes that business must return what we have taken from nature to nature. In addition, planting mangrove tree seedlings is also our goal to take part in accelerating Net Zero emissions by pursuing carbon-neutral efforts both within the company and for the wider community. This is in line with the global focus on sustainable decarbonization for the Earth,” said ICDX CEO, Nursalam.

The mangrove planting in West Kurau Village, Koba District, Central Bangka was carried out considering that Bangka Belitung is the largest tin-producing province and one of the country's largest state revenues. ICDX itself is the first Commodity Exchange to receive a mandate from the government to carry out export trading. This is regulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Trade Number 32/M-DAG/PER/6/2013 concerning Export Trading Procedures for Tin Bars (Ingots) must go through the Tin Exchange and by CoFTRA Decree Number 08/CoFTRA/KEP-PBK/08/2013.

"Since being transacted through the ICDX Exchange in 2013, Export Proceeds (DHE) for recorded Indonesian tin transactions has reached more than $9 trillion. Tin as Indonesia's strategic commodity has become very important for the survival of the people and economy of Bangka Belitung, so we also want to share back through this mangrove tree seedling program,” added Nursalam.

Aside from being a carbon store, mangrove forests also have a very large function for the environment, namely as plants that can withstand the currents of seawater that erode coastal land, to become tourist destinations.

"We hope to inspire our members to participate in carbon neutral efforts so that more and more private sectors are involved in decarbonizing to accelerate the achievement of Net Zero Emissions," concluded Nursalam.

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