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ICDX Group's Commitment to Become Carbon Neutral, and Net Zero Emission Commodity Exchange
ICDX Group's Commitment to Become Carbon Neutral, and Net Zero Emission Commodity Exchange
Monday, 11 October 2021

In line with the government's goal of reducing Indonesia's carbon emissions by 29%, ICDX Group and its subsidiaries today announced the company's commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2022 and achieving net-zero emissions by 2030. With this commitment, ICDX Group will manage the company's carbon footprint across the Exchange's operational activities.

“ICDX Group will not only improve the carbon market in Indonesia by providing an organized market infrastructure, but we also want to have a real impact to help the government achieve Indonesia's Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC), one of which is through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities aimed at projects development of carbon emission reductions,” said ICDX CEO, Lamon Rutten.

ICDX Group is committed in the next decade to do a responsible business practice with a focus on reducing carbon emissions while seeking to contribute to global discussions about the future of the earth. This commitment is supported by the readiness of the infrastructure owned by ICDX as a Commodity Exchange in facilitating commodity trading in Indonesia through a structured and integrated ecosystem with clearing institutions and logistics centers.

ICDX Group's efforts to support the Indonesian government in achieving its climate and development targets begin with identifying five main steps to support companies to achieve net-zero emissions, namely:

  1. Support and sign the setting of science-based emission reduction targets following the criteria and recommendations of the Science Based Targets (SBTi) initiative
  2. To fulfill most of the company's energy needs from cleaner and renewable energy sources
  3. Offsetting emissions from company electricity consumption, employee travel, paper consumption, and other relevant emission sources from 2022
  4. Advocating and pursuing a carbon neutral mission to members and stakeholders of the ICDX Group's business ecosystem through education and workshops
  5. Communicating and implementing a carbon footprint awareness program within the company to encourage responsible workplace practices

"We will carry out carbon offsets through the Emission Reduction Project for the development of projects covering forestry and land use, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and household appliances," said Lamon Rutten.

ICDX Group realizes that to realize this commitment requires joint efforts. Therefore, ICDX Group will actively and openly cooperate with stakeholders and the government to jointly achieve Indonesia's climate agenda. ICDX Group will transparently report on carbon emissions from the company's operations, and the company's progress in meeting climate commitments through future sustainability reports.

"ICDX will form a carbon-neutral acceleration committee with related parties to encourage businesses and individuals to participate in pledging commitments for a carbon-neutral transition and net-zero emissions," concluded Lamon Rutten.

ICDX Group's Commitment to Become Carbon Neutral, and Net Zero Emission Commodity Exchange
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