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ICDX Journalist Class: Get to Know Contracts and Physical Markets on the Commodity Exchange
ICDX Journalist Class: Get to Know Contracts and Physical Markets on the Commodity Exchange
Wednesday, 10 August 2022

As a Commodity Futures Exchange, ICDX trades various commodity futures contracts. Thus in the Futures Exchange, there will be many types of markets and futures contracts according to the number of commodities traded. The commodities that are the subject of Futures Contracts traded on ICDX also vary, ranging from agriculture, mining, and upstream industries, to digital commodities.

For every commodity whose contract is traded on the Commodity Futures Exchange, the specifications are clearly defined, concerning the quantity, quality, and delivery time. This is what distinguishes the Commodity Futures Exchange and the Stock Exchange. Therefore, as the main source of public information, fellow journalists need to have a deeper understanding of the types of markets and contracts in the Commodity Futures Exchange.

Some results of media coverage:

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA - The stock exchange and the commodity exchange are two types of markets that can be considered as a medium for profit. Head of Learning Center ICDX, Anang E Wicaksono explained, that there are fundamental differences between stock exchanges and commodity exchanges, one of which is in terms of trading activities. "In commodity futures exchange activities, is more on trading, not investment," said Anang at the ICDX Journalist Class 2022 event, Wednesday (10/8/2022).

This article has been published on Bisnis.com with the title https://market.bisnis.com/read/20220810/7/1565168/ingat-ini-bedanya-bursa-saham-dengan-bursa-berjangka

Author: Dewi Fadhilah Soemanagara

Editor : Hadijah Alaydrus

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