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Friday, 29 January 2021
ICDX Members Cluster Gathering
PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) through the PosGO Syariah Application built the First Sharia Ecosystem with Digital Gold Physical Trading as the basis for the ecosystem and collaborated with the ICDX Exchange and the ICH Clearing House in its implementation. This Syariah ecosystem allows physical gold transactions and gold utilization in various needs through the application system. This application also has several features that can be used to assist users in making transactions such as saving and investing in gold (PosGold), making balance transfers and gold transfers (Switch), purchasing Muslim products (Halal Hub), planning Hajj and Umrah ( Gold To Mecca), as well as zakat, infaq, alms, and waqf services using gold (ZISWAF).
Starting 2021, ICDX will hold a sharing session with its members at the new ICDX office located at Jalan H. Fachrudin No. 26, Central Jakarta. This event is divided into two sessions over two days, namely at 10.00 and 14.00 on 24-25 March 2021.
What do you consider when choosing a broker? Of course, transaction security and service excellence are the two main factors in your consideration. This is where Prudent Internasional Berjangka comes with the motto "Investment Services Based on Trusted Information Systems".
Bappebti mencatat kenaikan transaksi multilateral sebesar 14% di tahun 2018 (dibandingkan dengan tahun sebelumnya) dan 17% pada kuartal pertama 2019 (dibandingkan dengan kuartal pertama tahun 2018). Tren positif ini membuka peluang bisnis yang ditangkap oleh PT OTM Kapital Berjangka.
Sepanjang bulan Juni ini, trading class GOFX Mikro bekerja sama dengan salah satu pialang ICDX, PT Agrodana Futures. Bagaimana rangkaian kerja sama trading class ini berlangsung? Mari kita simak kesan-kesan dari Direktur Utama PT Agrodana Futures, Tommy Zhu.
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