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ICDX Exchange and ICH Clearing House with Pos Indonesia and Build Partners Sharia Ecosystem Based on Digital Gold Physical Trading
ICDX Exchange and ICH Clearing House with Pos Indonesia and Build Partners Sharia Ecosystem Based on Digital Gold Physical Trading
Friday, 16 April 2021

The PosGO Syariah application can be downloaded via the PlayStore. In PosGO Syariah there is a PosGold feature, where the application is an application that provides physical gold trading services (999.9 pure) based on an application system. PosGold allows for direct access to the international pure gold trading market through the gold market ecosystem on the ICDX Exchange, including a physical gold delivery mechanism and various transaction-based derivative services with support from ABI Commodity Futures as a member of the ICDX Exchange and the ICH Clearing House. All gold trading through the exchange has been standardized and has also gone through comprehensive analysis and risk mitigation, the settlement of which is guaranteed by the ICH Clearing House.

With the availability of PosGO Syariah services that are connected to several multi-industry partners including the ICDX Exchange and the ICH Clearing House, in the future the PosGold sharia trading ecosystem will be supported by the plan to build an international-scale gold storage facility that was formulated in the PosGO Syariah grand plan at the beginning of its formation by PT Pos Indonesia. and its strategic partners.

One of the main backbones, the PosGo Syariah business ecosystem is the digital physical gold trading platform PosGold, which was developed with Bullion Ecosystem International, ABI Commodity Futures and the trading transaction support process is facilitated by the Indonesia Commodity & Derivatives Exchange. - ICDX and the trade transaction clearing process are carried out with the Indonesia Clearing House – ICH.

ICDX and ICH together with their strategic partners ABX, Australia and Kinesis AG, Liechtenstein provide access to a broad international physical gold trading system for PT Pos Indonesia, providing certainty of market liquidity supply for physical gold purchase transactions as well as cash liquidity supply for physical gold sales transactions directly to the international market liquidity system. With a transaction volume reaching US$ 1.2 billion in March 2021 in the Kinesis AG transaction system, it is also hoped that it will provide a measurable supply of liquidity for PT Pos Indonesia as well as a form of protection against transaction processes carried out by the public. Protection for every public transaction is the main principle emphasized in the PosGO Syariah ecosystem.

Gold transactions that occur through PosGO Syariah will be facilitated by the ICDX exchange and ICH Clearing and will be the foundation in developing the PosGO Syariah application features. This will of course be a mechanism for monitoring and managing comprehensive transaction data in digital physical gold trading so that it can comply with the provisions of the regulator. Its comprehensive development will include physical gold storage to international standards.

PT Pos Indonesia together with ICDX, ICH collaborated with Kinesis AG and OZL Liechtenstein as competent investors and business partners to build the first international vault facility in Indonesia as well as the first international grade 10 vault facility in the Southeast Asia Region. This is intended to improve the quality and integrated protection system. This digital physical gold trading ecosystem will make Indonesia the main trading hub globally. The signing of the MOU & HOA by the parties has been carried out and a business consortium will be formed to immediately realize the international vault facility project for the Indonesian nation. It is hoped that the existence of an international vault facility in Indonesia will also attract traders from other countries to transact in Indonesia. At the same time, this can become a parameter for managing the country's monetary and foreign exchange system to be more systematic, measurable and further enhance the credibility of the Indonesian economy.

With the availability of an easily accessible and safe gold trading platform, as well as the connection of PosGO Syariah with the commodity futures trading ecosystem through the ICDX Exchange and the ICH Clearing House, this will be a momentum for the creation of easily accessible international class transaction services in Indonesia. Through this service, ICDX - ICH and PT Pos Indonesia and partners are expected to provide additional options for the public, especially employees, investors, professionals, businesses and other parties to invest their funds in the form of pure physical gold bars that can be transacted digitally. PosGO Syariah is also expected to provide opportunities for the utilization of gold trading in daily needs and business transactions. (Yitzhak Nazareth)

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