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Cluster Sharing Session Member ICDX
Cluster Sharing Session Member ICDX
Friday, 26 March 2021

Starting 2021, ICDX will hold a sharing session with its members at the new ICDX office located at Jalan H. Fachrudin No. 26, Central Jakarta. This event is divided into two sessions over two days, namely at 10.00 and 14.00 on 24-25 March 2021.

The sharing session at the beginning of this year presented all ICDX divisions that are closely related to their members. The event was opened with remarks from the President Director of ICDX, Lamon Rutten, and the President Director of ICH, Nursalam. Furthermore, the division heads gave a series of materials as selected topics in this sharing session.

The discussion started with the Business Development division which disseminated information about ICDX multilateral products, namely GOFX. Fair, transparent, and affordable multilateral trading with GOFX certainly opens up new sustainable market opportunities for the long-term development of the commodity futures trading industry. Regarding the mechanism of the multilateral system itself, this material is supported by the Market Operations division which conveys in detail the features and supporting technologies used.

Furthermore, there was the Marketing & Communications division which conveyed the importance of using digital marketing effectively in the pandemic era. Like other industries, the commodity futures trading industry also needs to adapt to the uncertain conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. A strong online presence will support businesses in the midst of a pandemic situation, where face-to-face activities are limited.

In relation to education to the public and improving the quality of commodity futures trading services, the Research & Development division raised the topic of Increasing Literacy and Competence in the Field of PBK 2021. This service also needs to meet the provisions of the supervisor. Therefore, the Back Office division carried out socialization of a single supervision system according to BAPPEBTI regulations. This topic was continued with the Compliance division providing material related to the KYC Online Registration System and the Complaint Handling Process at PBK and ICDX Online Mediation in accordance with the Latest BAPPEBTI Regulations.

This sharing session is expected to be an opening for closer cooperation between the ICDX exchange and its members.

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