THE SOURCE ISSUE 23: ICDX 2nd Quarter Update
THE SOURCE ISSUE 23: ICDX 2nd Quarter Update
Friday, 29 July 2022

The Source Issue 23 is here!

Entering the end of the second quarter of 2022, the issue of the climate crisis is still the highlight of this year. Carbon trading is said to be a way for industry to reduce carbon emissions.

Europe's geopolitical conflict is still not over. Last May, the European Union countries agreed to impose a sanctions embargo on Russian oil which become the catalyst for price movements of other commodity product

Talking about commodity, in this edition The Source will also cover about Sharia Commodities in Indonesia.

Since it was first launched about 30 years ago, sharia commodities or Murabahah commodities have gained popularity until now as a liquidity management instrument.

For now, sharia commodities (Murabahah commodities) in Indonesia are intended for Islamic financial institutions aimed at managing liquidity management.

The Source Issue 23 Review

Indonesia's Carbon Market Potential

As a tropical country, Indonesia has a great contribution in maintaining the world's climate. Indonesia is said to have the third largest tropical forest in the world with an area of ​​125 million hectares which is estimated to absorb 25 billion tons of carbon.

The Role of the Clearing House in Carbon Trading

In carbon trading, the role of the clearing house is to guarantee and settle transactions, as well as to provide a system for recording, moving, and storing carbon.

Europe Russia oil embargo, energy prices ready to soar

The decline in the number of Russian oil exports to the EU in the final quarter of 2021 which reached about 95% fell to 59% in April and May due to the embargo on Russian oil by the European Union.

Sharia Commodities As Instruments To Break The Market Share Of Sharia Banking

In Indonesia, referring to the DSN MUI fatwa No: 82/DSN-MUI/VIII/2011 concerning Commodity Trading transactions on the Exchange, it is legally permissible to comply with the provisions stipulated in the fatwa.

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