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Palm Oil
Palm Oil

Palm oil is currently the world's most consumed vegetable oil. Soybean oil and palm oil account for about 61% of the world's total vegetable oil production. Crude Palm Oil (CPO) is the first-grade variant which is extracted from palm fruit. When CPO is further refined, it produces products such as refined palm oil, palm kernel oil, and RBD palm olein.

The oil palm value chain can be divided into 3 segments, namely the upstream segment (planting, cultivation and harvesting), middle segment (refining and processing) and downstream segment (retail end products, brands and industrial derivatives).

Indonesia is the world's largest producer of palm oil. Together with Malaysia, they account for 84% of global palm oil production. Meanwhile, India and China are the world's largest consumers, accounting for 21% and 16% of palm oil consumption.

Fundamental Drivers of the Palm Oil Market

  • Weather conditions and season
  • Substitution products
  • Price movement in the international market (Malaysia / Rotterdam / Asian Pacific Exchange)
  • Economic factors in top producing & consuming countries
  • Government trade policies in both exporting and importing countries
  • Geopolitical events of biofuel policy

Why Trade Palm Oil?

ICDX’ palm oil derivative contracts can be traded anywhere, anytime.

ICDX’ palm oil derivative contracts can be used to manage risk and hedge against price fluctuation in the physical market.

Traders (especially speculators) can use ICDX’ palm oil derivative contracts to gain leveraged exposure from the price movement.

All market players can propose any desired price and will have the flexibility to keep a position for a short or long time.

(forextradingbursa berjangkakomoditi)

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CPOTR is the contract symbol for crude palm oil with a contract size of 5 metric per tons per lot in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).
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