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Celebrate the 14th Company Anniversary, ICDX Group Plants 14,000 Mangrove Trees in Bangka
Celebrate the 14th Company Anniversary, ICDX Group Plants 14,000 Mangrove Trees in Bangka
Saturday, 15 July 2023

Bangka, 14th July 2023 - In commemoration of the company's 14th anniversary, ICDX Group cooperates with BAPPEBTI as the regulator, the local government of Bangka, and other stakeholders by carrying out a green movement to plant 14,000 mangrove trees. The activity which was carried out in West Kurau Village, Koba District, Central Bangka is also a continuation of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to support and develop carbon emission reduction programs.


The planting of 14,000 mangrove tree seedlings carried out by the ICDX Group will positively impact carbon sequestration of 410.19 tCO2e. This amount is equivalent to the carbon emissions released by 427,083 cars for a 10 km trip. After planting, Jejakin, a partner of ICDX's Go Carbon Neutral campaign, will monitor it periodically to determine its impact and environmental analysis. This collaboration is carried out to provide a significant, measurable impact from the environmental preservation efforts undertaken. This is in line with the government's plan to reduce carbon emissions by 116 million tonnes by 2023.


"Since last year, we have carried out several advocacy efforts to reduce carbon emissions under the company's Go Carbon Neutral campaign. These activities include webinars, FGDs, and CSR planting mangrove trees, which we have been doing since last year. We hope that this CSR activity can be carried out continuously in a comprehensive manner so that it becomes an inspiration to present efforts to care for the environment," said ICH President Director, Megain Widjaja.

The planting of Go Carbon Neutral mangrove trees will be carried out in stages up to one million trees. The ICDX Group's carbon emission reduction program is expected to positively impact absorbing carbon emissions of up to 29,299 tCO2e. This was obtained by cooperating with 161 members of the ICDX Group, associations, and the Regional Government. The general public can also contribute by purchasing mangrove trees through the Go Carbon Neutral campaign by visiting https://carbonneutral.icdx.co.id/.


"We also thank BAPPEBTI and the Regional Government of Bangka for supporting the ICDX Group so far, especially in today's activities. Hopefully, more and more parties will participate in accelerating the reduction of carbon emissions in Indonesia," added Megain.


"Even though the business climate in 2022 is still faced with various global challenges, under the guidance and supervision of BAPPEBTI, the ICDX Group has been able to record several achievements including contributing to society in efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, we appreciate ICDX Group's social program today in planting 14,000 mangrove trees in Bangka," said the Head of BAPPEBTI, Didid Noordiatmoko in the activity.


In line with the Head of BAPPEBTI, the Acting Governor of the Bangka Belitung Islands, Suganda Pandapotan Pasaribu, who was represented by the Legal and Political Administration Expert Staff of the Bangka Belitung Provincial Government, Dr. Ir. Rofiko, MTP., also appreciated the green movement carried out by the ICDX Group, "We are grateful for the ICDX Group's attention to the city of Bangka through the planting of 14,000 mangrove trees. The Regional Government of Bangka Belitung is ready to support the ICDX Group in developing a carbon emission reduction program."


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