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The Forex (Foreign Exchange) market is the largest market in the world. According to the BIS Survey, the daily global forex transaction volume reached $6.6 trillion in 2019. It’s a really high volume of transactions, especially for several major currencies, which means there are plenty of interesting opportunities we can take every day. Across the globe, the forex market has become a battleground for many different types of investors, hedgers, or even bankers.

Fundamental Drivers for Foreign Exchange

Currency represents the economic and political state of a country. Each currency is considered to represent the condition of a country, including economic, business, as well as political, and even social activities. The activities in a country and its conditions will create relativity (whether strong or weak) against other currencies from other countries. Because the conditions of a country are ever-changing, the currency or foreign exchange market is highly volatile, changing whenever conditions change.

Why trade GOFX forex?

Start trading with a margin as little as Rp500.000

Forex market is open almost 24/7

Opportunities are wide open to gain profit from price volatility

GOFX Micro is a spot and futures contract that is traded multilaterally and legally on the ICDX Exchange. GOFX consists of Spot Gold Contracts, Spot Forex Contracts, and Crude Oil Futures.

GOFX Micro with a contract size of 1/100 of a standard futures contract is the first and only legal micro multilateral derivative in Indonesia that is regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (BAPPEBTI) - Ministry of Trade

12000+ people have tried GOFX Micro, now it's your turn!


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