Welcome to Indonesia Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (ICDX)

The ever-increasing flow of funds into Asia combined with the continued increase in the global demand for commodity products, in particular the demand for accessing Indonesian commodities, has contributed to the formation of a new internationally recognized trading venue in Indonesia; the Indonesian Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (ICDX).

With abundant natural resources and home to some of the world's the largest producers of prime commodities the ICDX exists to serve the underlying regional economic interest as the global trading hub for numerous indigenous commodities including Crude Palm Oil (CPO), Olein,Tin and Gold.

Official Prices

Product Contract YSDP Change
GOLDID Apr18 1324.4 -11.6
GOLDUD Apr18 1324.4 -11.6
TIN4NINE Apr18 22200 -70
TINPB050 Apr18 21950 -70
TINPB100 Apr18 21800 -70
TINPB200 Apr18 21750 -70
TINPB300 Apr18 21725 25
GOLDGR APR18 597400 -2800

Weekly Report

Gold Bearish Impacted by US Interest Rate
Indonesia’s Tin Market Still Waiting for Policy Certainty
CPO Price Rose on China’s Import Duty on Soybean
Gold Weaken on Easing Geopolitical Tension
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ICDX Plans to Launch Tin Futures Contract

ICDX will launch Tin futures contract. The contract is targeted to be published in January 2018.

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