• Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange
    Also known as PT. Bursa Komoditi dan Derivatif Indonesia (BKDI), has plenty to look forward to in 2013 and in the years to come. Sound and steady economic growth during the past decade has enabled our market to perform robustly among the best performing markets in the world

  • ISI Clearing
    Identrust Security International (ISI) Clearing operates under internationally accepted standards for risk management, margining and settlement.ISI Clearing will be responsible for all clearing and settlements activities for the exchange.

  • Indonesia Tin Exchange
    Since it Launched on 30th August 2013,ICDX as Indonesia Tin Exchange more than 67,125 metric ton Tin transacted through ICDX

    U.S. Dollar Denominated Crude Palm Oil Futures Contract. It will allow market participants to trade the most consumed edible oil with the alternative of physical delivery and cash settlement.

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