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ICDX has robust, user-friendly, and scalable technology. ICDX is committed to provide the most advanced and secure electronic platform for commodity trading.
GOFX uses MetaTrader5 as a trading platform, where MT5 is the best and most used platform by traders around the world. MT5 allows you to monitor and make GOFX transactions anywhere and anytime.
Cerebro ECN Matching Engine
ECN liquidity solution is built on ultra-fast matching engine technology, which guarantees no requotes, no rejections, and no last-look execution. All your trades are executed at a fair market price on over 100 instruments in the Matching Engine with the market depth of up to 10 levels.
Electronic Warehouse Receipt Trading
The EPACT-CD platform is a web-based software system that will dematerialize physical commodities into an electronic proof of ownership (Electronic Warehouse Receipt) and integrate commodity trading participants on the Exchange.
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