JAKARTA   The Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE) visit to the Indonesian Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (BKDI) on Thursday (30/5). This visit received a positive response   From a number of BKDI ranks led by President Director Arwadi J. Setiabudi.

The Zhengzhou Exchange, represented directly by the President Director, Zhang Fan is very enthusiastic about listening to BKDI's explanation. Several multilateral contracts traded on ICDX include the Cruide Palm Oil (CPOTR), Olein and Foreign Channels (PALN) deals receiving special attention.

“ With PALN contract allows us to cooperate. We will learn this type of contract. Because with this type of contract the Zhengzhou bourse can sell ICDX flagship products such as raw palm (CPOTR), and vice versa, ICDX can trade our products, "he said. Said Zhang Fan.

PALN   In general ie,   Products traded on foreign exchanges that can & nbsp; Transacted at ICDX by the investor / trader of the customer as well as otherwise the products traded on ICDX may be transacted at a stock abroad. PALN is regulated from the decision letter of BAPPEBTI no.82 / Per / 04/2010 on the procedures for distributing the mandate abroad. ICDX is currently working with several foreign exchanges including the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), the New York Board of Trade (NYBOT) and the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) with foreign brokers used by ICDX, Phillip Futures Singapore.

The Zhengzou Stock Exchange also questioned why ICDX did not trade rice, following Indonesia's one of the world's largest producers and consumers of rice. So far, rice commodity has become one of the mainstay products in Zhengzou Commodity Exchange other than cotton and wheat.

In response to this question, ICDX President Director Arwadi J. Setiabudi stated that ICDX could trade rice, however, the condition of rice trade in Indonesia is a political commodity. Because rice is the main staple concerning the livelihood of the people.

"For rice futures trading in Indonesia is difficult. Because rice is a political commodity and the government has a full intervention on this commodity, ”   Said Arwadi.