Indonesia Tin Conference and Exhibition 2017

To preserve a sustainable economic growth, especially for commodities, ICDX (Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange) returns to present the biggest Tin Conference in South East Asia. Indonesia Tin Conference and Exhibition (ITCE) is back for the fourth time with the theme “Tin beyond Boundaries: Integrating the Tin Industry for Sustainable Economic Growth”. ITCE 2017 takes place in Nusa Dua, Bali, specifically in Sofitel Beach Resort on the 27th to 29th August 2017

A series of events has been prepared. For the first day, on 27th August 2017, all participants are required to firstly register in between 12:00 – 17:00. As the night comes, participants are offered food and drinks at the ICDX welcoming dinner which was opened by the MC and the Bali dancer show. Mr. Lamon Rutten, as the President Director of ICDX gave a welcoming speech at the dinner and the first day is closed with a beautiful display of fireworks.

On the second day, on Monday 28th August 2017, registration was opened early at 9:00 – 9:30. The second day of ITCE 2017 starts with all of the participants singing the Indonesian Anthem, ‘Indonesia Raya’. KH Said Aqil Siroj, ICDX Chairman, is then given the opportunity to give his welcoming speech. Mr. Bachrul Chairi as Head of COFTRA also follows in giving a welcome speech, which is lastly followed by the Indonesian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Mr. Ignasius Jonan. The series of opening events on the second day was closed with a prayer lead by KH Said Aqil Siroj.

The first discussion panel on the second day was given the theme "Shaping the Tin Industry through Bonded Logistic Centre”. The panel was moderated by ICDX Director, Mr. Megain Widjaja and the panellists include both local and international personas, such as Mr. Henry Chandra, Dr. Nofrisel, SE. MM. CSLP., Mrs. Ety Puspitasari, and Ms. Elise Tan. After the discussion, participants are invited to enjoy lunch at Kwee Zeen Restaurant.

After lunch, under the theme of “Tin Supply and Demand”, the next presentation is by the CEO of PT. Inti Stania Prima, Dr. Ir. R. Rudy Irawan, MM. with the topic of "The Great Controversy - Is Indonesia Tin Reserve to be depleted by 2020?" which is followed by “Indonesian Tin Update 2018” presented by the Chairman of AETI, Mr. Jabin Sufianto. For the theme of “Sustainability for a better future”, the conference unfolds with various other presentations from renowned speakers such as Mr. Rituraj Mukhia (Program Manager IBM Conflicts), Mr. Olle Östensson (Caromb Consulting) dan Mr. Reza Ardiansyah (Managing Director PT. Refined Bangka Tin). The Q&A session continues smoothly with several questions asked by the participants, after which the conference ends with the sunset cocktail being help in the Retreat Garden.

After the end of the sunset cocktail, the MC returns to give a welcoming address to open the Gala Dinner in the Retreat Garden with the participants. Mr. Nursalam (CEO of Indonesia Clearing House) gave a welcoming speech and the event starts with various traditional Bali dances and music from the local band. The second day of ITCE thus ends.

The third day of ITCE 2017 begins with the MC welcoming all participants and the announcement of the “Tin Price Forecasting” winner with the prize being a 25 gram UBS Gold Bar. Ms. Stella Novita Lukman, as the Vice President of Business Development in ICDX starts a presentation with the topic "Trading Opportunities on ICDX Tin Complex" and then she is followed by Mr. James Davies as ICDX’s advisor presenting regarding Tin Arbitrage. The event continues with the theme “The Future of Tin” and it starts with the discussion of “Will London Loses its role as the Global Tin Centre”. Mr. James Davies becomes the moderator on the discussion with Mr. Dragan Kilibarda (Chief Tin Trader, TMT Metals AG), Mr. Honda Junichiro (Group Leader, Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific Pte Ltd), Mr. Edric Koh (Head of Physical Market Sales, London Metal Exchange), Mr. Rene van Der Kam (Viant Commodities Pte Ltd) as the participating debate panellists.

The live tweeting session starts with Mr. Lamon Rutten and Mr. Edric Koh as speakers for the Expert Corner session. After a series of events, the fourth Indonesian Tin Conference and Exhibition ends with closing remarks from Mr. Lamon Rutten and lunch at the Kwee Zeen Restaurant. With several days’ worth of discussions, it is hoped that the tin industry in Indonesia could continue to tread down the path of betterment and become the global tin leader. The integration between tin traders is also hoped to be formed for the sustainable of Indonesian economic growth.