Indonesia Stock Exchange Still Weak ?

JAKARTA - Although Indonesia is a commodity producer, Indonesia does not have a significant role in determining world commodity prices. This is because the level of liquidity of the stock in Indonesia is still very small and the role of the market is not maximal.
This is revealed Head of Business Development   PT Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (ICDX / Indonesia Commodity & Derivatives Exchange) Christilia Angelica in Media Gathering event (13/6) in Jakarta.
Christilia said, the current cacao price determinants are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the United States. As for crude palm oil (CPO / crude palm oil) stock price determinant is the Malaysian stock, and for the price of rubber pementunya is the Tokyo stock exchange, Japan. Likewise with tin commodities, whose prices are determined by the London Metal Exchange exchange.
"All these commodities are produced from Indonesia, but they are the ones that determine the price. There is no genuine and fair price transparency and harms us, ” Christilia said.
To overcome this, he suggested that the government encourage the liquidity of the stock in Indonesia and publish its regulation. The form of regulation, among others, could be the application of obligations for entrepreneurs who want to export these commodities must be through the Indonesian market. (Bunie)