Increase Liquidity, ICDX Will Launch Individual Trading

Jakarta - To increase the number of transactions so that the liquidity of Indonesian commodity futures futures is increasing, Indonesia Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (ICDX / Indonesia Commodity & Derivatives Exchange) will launch individual trading.

This was revealed by ICDX Head of Business Development, Christilia Angelica, in ICDX gathering media with the theme `The Role of Futures Exchange in Improving the Economy and Welfare of the Nation` in Capitol Building, Jakarta, Thursday (13/6). According to him, this individual trade has great potential to improve the liquidity of commodity futures exchanges in Indonesia, as well as applied in foreign exchanges which are now the determinants of world commodity prices.

"Later we have individual trades. So far it is still for corporate or corporate only. Individual trading is also what makes the success of foreign exchanges, " Says Christilia, quoted from Ipot

He explained that this individual trade has also been done before but not continued and this year will soon be relaunched because based on study results, Malaysia has successfully implemented it. This individual trade targets individual professional players whose life is to trade that usually comes from stock players.

"This [individual trade] can increase the liquidity of the Indonesian stock exchange. Later our market will increase credibility because the number of transactions is large, we are more known, and in the end the Indonesia stock has a chance or can determine world commodity prices," He explained.

To encourage the idea, this individual trade will have incentives provided such as free registration for those wishing to become members. Unfortunately Christilia is reluctant to say when individual trades will be launched. "Yes we will do it soon, certainly this year. We target the first launched it can reach 100-200 people," He Say.

He revealed, overall BKDI targets the number of commodity futures exchange transactions this year could rise about 20% -30% compared to last year. And ICDX products to date consist of GOLDUD, CPOTR, GOLDRD, GOLDID, OLEINTR, and TIN. "To date more than Rp250 billion has been transacted on the ICDX. We start many (transactions) in 2011 until now," He Say. /fan