ICH-ICDX Officially Launched CITRA

Indonesia Clearing House (ICH) and Indonesia Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (ICDX) officially launched their latest innovation called CITRA (Clearing Info of Trade). CITRA is an information system which provide a transparent transaction on clearing process by ICH.

Users can access CITRA on any platform such as computers, tablets, even smartphone. This recent ICH-ICDX breakthrough is also accessible 24 hours a day. CITRA data service and withdrawal is within seconds and it provides the registered data by ICH.

The launching event of CITRA was located at The Immigrant Dining Room, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, on 26th January 2018. It officially launched by Nursalam (CEO of ICH) and Bachrul Chairi (Head of BAPPEBTI). On that occasion, Bachrul Chairi and Nursalam also give their welcoming address.

“With CITRA, customers can identify the transactions which have been registered in ICH. So, the purpose of CITRA is to provide trading activity data from brokers to our costomers and also to prevent potential dispute,” said Nursalam. Bachrul Chairi also said that, “CITRA is a ‘tools’ to prevent illegal activity in commodity futures trading by brokers. With this system, investors can track how the transaction applied.”

CITRA has a vision to ensure every transaction that have been registered and cleared by ICH are transparent and accurate. The commodity futures trading industry can improve their image in Indonesia society with this transparency and innovation. It also support ICH’s vision in this industry which to provide traders, brokers and customers a clear and accurate transaction data.

Customers are able to observe and re-check their transaction in 24 hours a day and definitely it can increase a pleasant and secure feeling inside customer’s mind. They are also able to check whether the transaction have been cleared and registered in ICH or not. Hopefully with this breakthrough, ICDX and ICH can escalate customer’s trustworthiness in commodity futures trading industry.