Futures Commodity Exchange In Proposed Entry Subject Materials At The University

Bursa Komoditi Berjangka Di Usulkan Masuk Materi Mata Kuliah Di Universitas Jakarta - A number of students of the Faculty of Business of Duta Wacana Christian University (UKDW) admitted that they are very enthusiastic to explore commodity futures and commodities futures.
According to them, commodity futures exchanges have a strategic role, especially as a means of managing price risk as well as an effective and transparent price formation. Especially for Indonesia whose natural wealth is abundant.
"The role of commodity market organized is very important for this nation. In the future, farmers can sell their crops through commodity exchanges at reasonable prices. This is certainly able to improve their welfare, "said Hotang Sitompul, advisors, UKDW, during a study tour visit to Indonesia Commodity Detivatives Exchanged, in Jakarta (09/06).
Hotang said, socialization about commodity exchanges become important. Because the current knowledge of the general public and academics are still very minimal about futures commodity exchanges.
"It should be, at some point in the big commodity producing area, there is a gallery of exchanges," he advised.
Involving academics for the socialization of the role of commodity exchanges is also a major point. However, according to Hotang, it is not limited to seminars or study tours just to. Especially if Indonesia wants to have a liquid market exchanges such as overseas commodity exchanges are currently a reference price of commodities Indonesia.
"Academics can talk about an additional curriculum about commodity futures into the subject matter of business and economics students. Some lecturers have proposed this to the Ministry of Education, "he said.
During a two-day study visit at ICDX Building, Jakarta, UKDW Business Faculty students were taught about multilateral trading mechanisms and conduct trade simulations.