BKDI Socialize Customer Complaints Regulations

Jakarta - Indonesia's Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (BKDI) disseminates the rules of settlement of customer complaints in exchange to a number of stock exchange brokers. This rule is considered important, as it regulates in detail and detail the mechanisms for settlement of complaints and disputes relating to transactions on futures contracts or derivative contracts.


A number of bourse members are present in the sosoalisasi delivered directly by the Director of BKDI, Megain Widjaja. According to Megain, the mechanism of complaints and customer settlement in the futures industry is important. The reason, in the futures industry, maintaining trust   Is the main point.


“Keeping trust is key in the industry. If & nbsp; Customer confidence eroded because the complaints are not channeled, we can be sure this industry will not grow,” Megain Say, In Jakarta, (9/7) kemarin.

 Regulation of settlement and complaint and termination mediation mechanism in circular 14 / SE-DIR / BKDI / 2013 and circular 13 / SE-DIR / BKDI / VI / 2013.


This letter is the authority of the stock as mandated by Law Number 10 Year 2011 regarding the amendment to Law Number 32 Year 1997 regarding Commodity Futures Trading   Stating that the Futures Exchange has the authority to settle complaints and disputes relating to futures contracts, syariah derivative contracts and / or other derivative contracts.


Several important points are presented in the socialization, among others the rules stating that customer complaints that can be submitted through trade mediation in the stock exchange are complaints that have been through the settlement efforts at the level of exchange members but did not reach agreement or find a settlement.


“So, complaints from customers can not directly to the exchange. But there were previous conversations with the stock exchange members. The function of the bourse later on in the settlement of complaint is sabagai mediasi. BKDI currently has two official mediators listed at the National Mediation Center, " Said Wisnu Agustianto, to the Legal Division of BKDI. (Fan)