ICDX Logistik Berikat (ILB) is established on 12th of May 2016 based on Deed of Establishment No. 52 dated 12th of May 2016, drawn up before Wahyu Dwicahyono, SH, Mkn, Notary in Pangkalpinang and legalized by Ministry of Law and Human Rights through its Decree No. AHU-0024253.AH.01.01.Year 2016 dated 17th of May 2016.

ILB is a subsidiary of Indonesia Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (ICDX) and Indonesia Clearing House (ICH) with main activity of providing warehouse for commodities traded in ICDX. Currently collaborating among other with PT Tantra Karya Sejahtera, ILB provides storage facilities, collateral management, custom clearance and other services in Pangkalpinang to support the delivery of commodities pursuant to physical and futures contracts traded in ICDX.

The establishment of ILB represents our genuine support to the Indonesia economic deregulation policy package regarding Bonded Logistic Centre, particularly for export commodities traded in ICDX.


Tin Seller Client
No Company Name
1Timah (Persero) Tbk, PT
2Refined Bangka Tin, PT
3 Mitra Stania Prima, PT
4 Inti Stania Prima, PT
5Prima Timah Utama, PT
6Eunindo Usaha Mandiri, PT
7Bukit Timah, PT
8Babel Inti Perkasa, PT
9Artha Cipta Langgeng, PT
10Karimun Mining, PT
11United Smelting,CV
12Sariwiguna Bina Sentosa, PT
13DS Jaya Abadi, PT
14 Stanindo Inti Perkasa, PT
15 Belitung Industri Sejahtera, PT
16 Tinindo Internusa, PT
17 Serumpun Sebalai, CV
18Bangka Tin Industry, PT
19Venus Inti Perkasa, CV
20Wahana Perkit Jaya, PT
21Panca Mega Persada, PT
22 Billitin Makmur Lestari, PT
23 ATD Makmur Mandiri,PT
24 Cipta Persada Mulia,PT
25 Aries Kencana Sejahtera, PT
26 Gita Pesona, CV
27Sumber Jaya Indah, PT
28Bangka Prima Tin, PT
29 Tommy Utama, PT
30 Ayi Jaya, CV
31 Sukses Inti Makmur, PT



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Under the provisions of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise on Procedures Bonded Logistics Center, ICDX Logistik Berikat ('ILB') has been integrated with the Management System Computer-Based for Information System Inventory (IT Inventory) in the management of goods in warehouses Bonded Logistics Center.

IT-Inventory Systems is responsible for the recording of receipts, expenditures, recording and tracing of goods in the warehouse. The data that is informed among other types of goods that enter / exit, the number of goods, the seller / buyer and for a number of documents.

ILB E-Inventory provides inventory information according to the classification : Admin, Member, Customs and Excise and the Independent conducting expenditure or receipt of goods in the warehouse ILB, in real time by downloading the application are available as follows.